My Why

As a Marine Corps veteran with a background in Kinesiology, my journey as a founder began out of frustration with the harmful ingredients found in mainstream products.

It all started when I experienced the transformative effects of a shower filter on my own skin and hair. Motivated to create the best filter possible, I set out on a mission to offer healthier alternatives to others.

In today's world, the skincare industry (and most industries) are rife with products laden with toxic ingredients that can have detrimental effects on our well-being. I couldn't ignore the alarming truth that our bodies absorb these harmful substances, causing long-term damage and compromising our overall health.

This realization fueled my determination to create a change – to offer products that are free from harmful chemicals, ensuring that every individual can nourish their skin and nurture their bodies without compromising their well-being.

Driven by a vision that puts people and the planet before profit, I have devoted myself to crafting products of the utmost quality. My mission is to empower millions of individuals to lead happier and healthier lives.

With an unyielding commitment to using the finest ingredients, irrespective of cost, I strive to provide effective solutions that elevate well-being. Each product we create is infused with a deep sense of purpose, carefully formulated to nurture and rejuvenate, because I believe that everyone deserves to experience the transformative power of pure, wholesome care.

As I reflect upon this journey, my heart overflows with gratitude for each and every one of you; your unwavering support and trust have been the driving force behind our pursuit of excellence, inspiring us to push boundaries, elevate standards, and make a positive impact on countless lives – together, we are rewriting the narrative of well-being and empowerment, and I am humbled to walk this path alongside you.